Is is possible to copy and paste components from one Entity to another?

As the title says really! I have a script component with various values configured, how can I copy and paste those values to the same component of a different entity? Or just copy the component itself and add it to another Entity just by pasting on that Entity.


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Unfortunately, that hasn’t been added yet :frowning:

You can multi select and multi edit most components (ie change a number of entities at once)

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Thank you @yaustar for the answer :slight_smile:

@yaustar any news on this? It’s a bit crazy to have to copy/paste each position/rotation/scale x/y/z properties. The graphic designer didn’t use a template for the 50 trees he added :confused:

It’s on the feature request list. Still have problems with lack of time to really focus on this.

In the meantime, would multi select and mass edit work in this case?

GitHub ticket

Not really, since I’ve to manually create a template instance and replace the old entity with the instance.
A copy component “à la Unity” would be awesome, not only position like the screenshot in the Github section.
Also, it might be too particular, but being able to transform an entity to a template instance would save tone of time too. Being able to say : “this entity should be a template instance of this template”. And so I would not have to do this hard work.

We are looking to standardise the Editor API later this year so that users can write extensions via Chrome Extensions or User Scripts for these type of bespoke functionality.