Is image element batch group property gone?

I’ve some problem about batching.In my previous projects the element image component has a property called “batch group” in the editor.and i used it for reducing drawcalls.It was very usefull feature i think.

But today i opened a new project and its gone.There is no such property on the editor interface.But i have to batch element image components to reduce drawcalls.Only meshes have this property now.

Is this property gone for elements accidently or should i do this programmatically from now?

There were some bugs with batching for Element components which meant that it was not working correctly and was causing errors. We have disabled the feature until we have fixed the remaining problems.

Hopefully it will make a return soon, but we don’t have a timeline for it. Sorry.

Yeah when i do batching elements programmatically ,there re some errors too.Ok i got it.i think its handy feature beacouse elements dont need raycasting you know.Hope it comes back soon.Thanks Dave.

Hi again ,
it’s been a long time since element batching disabled.İs there any update or news about it.Cause i have a small problem about my current project and maybe batching would help me
.Let me explain the issue shortly:

i need 300 text element updating dynamically in 3d space.(3d screen)So as you see this is too many drawcalls.And the app must work on mobile too.Someway i need to lower drawcalls.

Any suggestions would be appreciated

@dave sorry for bring it up again, have you fixed the bug? the batch option is still missing.
our game support two languages and we are forced to use images.

image font would save a lot of resources.