Is credit needed for the robot, rocket, and ufo models in the contest?

Who should we credit for the UFO, robot, and rocket models in our contest entries? Is there an “official tag” to put, or is it enough to say something like this in our game credits?

“Robot, UFO, and Rocket models provided by PlayCanvas”

Or are they just “free use” models, in which case we will have to make sure NOT to credit ourselves for the Robot, Rocket, and UFO? Or does no one really care either way?

Can we keep using them after the competition under the same credits, in our glorious next games? Or are they “Contest Entry Exclusive”? Are they Playcanvas exclusive, or can we make unity and unreal engine games using them as well (assuming of course there was a way to export them out of the system)?

So many questions, and no use license to refer to for any of them. :confused:

I don’t think that those assets require a credit for the PLAYHACK but the line you suggest would be appreciated, sure. They’re provided for you to do with as you please.

The only question in my mind is whether they’re solely for non-commercial use. I think that’s the case but I’m not 100% sure. I can find out if you like.