Iray Pascal - Spherical Camera - Photospheres?

A little while back I learned to make CubeMaps in Playcanvas from renderings I did in DAZ Studio, using 6 pictures. The latest version of Iray (to support nVidia Pascal cards) now includes Spherical camera and stereo capabilities, so no more need to generate 6 images in DAZ.

In a few posts I see that the only way to use this single spherical image in Playcanvas is to create a sphere (64x64) and or import geometry sphere, then map image. Alternative is to use software to convert single sphere image into 6 separate images and put them into cubemap.

Given the growing demand for VR, I hope Playcanvas will be able to provide easy solution for end users to take advantage of this cool capability. If an easier option is available, or new features coming for this, please let me know.
Thank you.

We had ideas of how to simplify life for users that have CubeMap data in equirectangular projection.
WebGL and GPU still needs 6 faces for each side to operate.
Even if some GPU might work well with cubemap texture provided in different projection, if it is not exposed as extension in WebGL, means it is not possible to use it from WebGL.

There are two ways we see this doable:

  1. Provide context menu with pipeline job that would create 6 faces textures from one and upload them as assets. So no need to use other tools to do the conversion.
  2. Provide runtime capability to do conversion and allow specifying single texture on cubemap.

Second feels easier to do, but it wont benefit from texture compression, and will require to do conversion on loading, and if it is intensive - will lead to stalls on low-end devices.
So first option is preferable on our end.

There is no ETA on such feature though.