Iphone selects hidden and/or empty DIV, preventing events goes thru

I’ve text over button. UseInput=false. When I tap on it instead of clicking event to button, iPhone grabs event or not producing it, shows IOS selection menu. There is Label or unselectable text in Playcanvas?
Tap is on the credits number.

That’s surprising that you can select text in the PlayCanvas UI text element. I didn’t think it was possible as it’s part of the WebGL context.

Can you create a small project that reproduces this behaviour or share a build of the game?

We have div layer hidden on top and was working fine on web, on iPhone was trying to select although div was empty.

My guess is that the iOS is trying to select something in the div even though it is empty as to my knowledge, the PlayCanvas text elements are not selectable on any platform as they are rendered in the WebGL context.

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