iOS crash but low RAM?

hi i need help to make my project work on iOS. why does it always crash? i tried everything. textures are compressed. all sounds/materials/textures are unloaded by default. when i do a Memory snapshot with firefox on my macbook memory usage stays usually between 40MB - 105MB. it looks lightweight to me? but on my iphone 12 mini the loading screen keeps reloading / page crashing.

here is the project, the second scene: PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine

(it is mainly the clip-player script that does all the magic)

thanks for any help!!! really appreciate this community <3

Hi @asnras,

Checking the profiler I can see VRAM (video memory) allocation is close to 220-230MB range. I imagine adding the 40M-105MB JS heap allocation that can go above the usual 250-300MB total memory size that most developers target to avoid crashes on iOS.


Ah, I see now another issue, you have very high res textures that most likely crash on iOS because they aren’t supported (Basis will not compress textures with a resolution higher than 4096). Try lowering the resolution to <= 4096 on both sides.