Introducing Lost Relic Hunter by Jason Parsons

Hello everyone,
My name is Jason and I am attempting to recreate the game play of Samu Games: Artifact with a modern 2.5D UI.
The game is incredibly fun if you like these types of games but it is incredibly old, written in Delphi (server is in C), only runs on windows, and has went through a few proprietary owners (closed source) that… let us just say it isn’t like it used to be. The poor game is all but dead now maxing out with 2 or 3 players at a time logged in, a far cry from 15 years ago with 50-100 in each map and up to 200 logged in at a time.
The plan is to use with Node.js and store everything with MongoDB. Of course the client will be pretty much any modern browser.
I plan on adding a couple feature such as:

  • Explore. A movement mode that is not available in the original game…
  • 3D models of the relics and troops with full descriptions. Artifact has no updated documentation. The latest thing I have found was from 2007. I want the game play documentation to be a single click away for new users and quick reference but I don’t want it to be intrusive for the players that know the game already.
  • Multiple factions. Artifact only offers one faction and the only thing to distinguish troops between players is a small flag the player can customize. I will develop with just one faction, the Wizards, but there will be Undead, Angels, Demons, Medieval, and whatever else I decide to add. As the game progresses I will welcome ideas and submissions of new player defined factions.
  • Map editor. I figure Artifact has a map editor of some sort (hand coding every map would be a nightmare) but there is no public access too it as far as I am aware.

So there you have it! I have notebooks filled with… notes… that I have been working on for a few months now. I only highlight a few of the features I want to add. Seemed enough for an introduction. Play the game if you would like to know about the game play. It will be pretty close to that. There’s a link above to the website where you can download it. Feel free to ask me any questions or tell me what you think.


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I would rather make something playable first and introduce it after it’s done.

And there is the first person to tell me what they think.

I understand your position. I simply wanted to say “hello” and tell everyone what I am doing in case anyone is interested. That is what one of the things I read suggested I do during the set up process :), so I figured “Why not?” .
Also, if you would take notice; I posted this in the general chat section of the message board. This section is for pretty much anything (at least in normal message boards but I could be wrong) anyone wants to discuss. Right? I purposely Set it in this category because I know at this stage it is pretty much off topic from everything else but idle talk. This way the information is available for anyone who wants it but out of the way as not to congest a more focused topic elsewhere.
Anyway, The design is not set in stone. Since it is basically a clone with some upgrades I am still receptive to ideas. Lost Relic Hunter is not intended just to satisfy my idea of a perfect RTS. Being that I hope everyone will play it I would like everyone’s input to what they would like to see. I have went as far in the design process as I can without outside influence and figure now would be the best time to make any design changes, you know, before I’m almost done and notice I forgot something or realize people would have liked this or that different. I know I won’t be able to please everyone and hasty reaction to crowd demand usually leads to more harm than good (I have been gaming for over 30 years and have watched devs cave to public outcries and destroy a game, just like what happened with Artifact, the game I am cloning/remaking). But at this stage it wouldn’t hurt for at least a second opinion.
Thank you for replying and I hope you will enjoy whatever I/we come up with.

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Artifact was good in the early 00’s. I actually downloaded it a few months ago but no one was on. I was never good at it. A simplified version of it would be a good start. I wouldnt mind contributing to the effort let me know.