Intro scene idea

Hi all,

I have a intro scene in mind where a camera from a birds perpective “flying” over a terrain.
How could I achieve this the best?

Hi @iso74,

You can use the following example to create a path for your camera:

Thanks @Leonidas, I looked at this, my “dream” would be to kind of record such a path, e.g. use a 3rd person fly cam and like a flight simulator “fly” with the player entitiy around and record this, to then play it back. But maybe it is not easy at all.

You can create a ‘level editor’ type scene where you can do this and output a list of points to the console to copy back into the project


How do I get such a Path Point progammatically?

You create entities programmatically and add them as children, check this tutorial:

Ok, hm I thought one (or a mixture) of these entity functions could do the trick?

Yes, to get the values of an existing path entity you can use those method, either in local or in most cases in world space.

Thanks @Leonidas. So it is better to choose the world space variant.
You know I want to console.log camera positions on mouse down to record a path.

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