Interesting Discovery

Hello guys, i don’t know if this is something you already knew, but i think it can be a good opportunity if you doesn’t. Browsing the internet i have found this site, it’s a free software that allow to realize characters in a very easy way. I have tested it just for 1 hr till now but you can see the results here. (nudity present)
The software has also some script for blender that allow to make clothes, etc (that i don’t know how to use :cry: ) and also bones support.
Don’t droll :stuck_out_tongue:
Let me know what do you think of that

I have played a bit with makehuman, it is amazing if you need detailed models for some presentation or simple animation, for game purposes when you need low detailed models i guess is not so easy. The model itself come out good, but when you add clothesthe poly count skyrocket again. There is a blender application that allow to make clothes, but i can’t test it coz i’am not good using blender. Is possible to export and use in MH the clothes you make with blender. So if some artist want spend some time modeling that will be of great help. For blender artists is a great tool.