Instacrashing on mobile

I get an instacrash of my Mellow Tiger site on both my iPhone and iPad. It’s never worked on either-- it tries to load a few times, then just displays the following message:


Is it too simply too big? In my past Playcanvas sites, removing large audio files fixed this, but I don’t want to remove any audio this time. Ideas?

I’ve been debating simply not having a mobile (or VR) version, which feels like quite a loss. Any advice?

Hi @gnormanlippert! Do you use a lot of large textures in your project?

I’m not sure how to quantify that-- what counts as a lot and as large? But the answer is probably yes.

EDIT: at a quick glance, there are around 90 textures (wow!) at a total of about 18MB. Is that my problem?

I don’t know what the acceptable numbers are, but I would certainly try to minimize this.

The profiler can tell you how much memory your textures take when loaded to video memory, which is the important bit. Size on disk (especially in jpg format) is not directly relevant.

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Usually I start to see crashes on iOS when VRAM allocation goes above 300MB. It’s not an absolute limit since there is also heap memory in addition, and also the OS will vary those limits based on the number of application/tabs open on the background.


At a glance, it looks like my lightmapping is using almost SIX GB. Is this possibly the issue?


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Yeah, indeed it is. You should brought it down to 300MB to make it work on IOS

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