Ingames player NPC's?


Ok so I would love to add npcs to my game what would be the easiest way to do so use x&y to do the movement or would I have to use a javascript library?
Btw I have been looking at this project:
but its really old It may have soome npcs


look at this


Lol you may not believe this but Ilooked at tht project the exact same day I made this post it lowkey made no sense


Well npcs are placed at fixed places, enemies have random movements untill the player enter a certain radius, then they chase him. You can check the this altough there are some garbage lines left. Since it’s multilanguage the phrases are strings that change based on the chosen language.


Hmm thts alot of coding lol so is it like some kind of ai.Btw think you can show the project to this script


Uh project to the script? What u mean? I already gave u the link to the project


The link to the games project not the code editor


Project link:


You can access the project using the code editor. Just go to the code editor tabs above and click, “Open Editor”.



Thanks @yaustar.


Sadly the scripts are in legacy lol


With few adjustment will work, or u have to wait till i translate all to new scripts :stuck_out_tongue:


I guess lol