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Should we combine or separate out issues when posting?

For or github issues please post individual issues.

Forum topics are more for general discussion, so you can combine if you like.

I was trying to be a good boy and read the User Manual from end-to-end. The initial web pages displayed nicely, however, once I got to the Dashboard section the presentation went wacky. Almost like it was missing HTML tags. I cleared my browser (IE11) cache and tried again. The same problem. The User Manual is displaying fine now though. Was there a problem with the server?

Also, not sure if it’s related to my problem above but there are some models (FBX) that are not uploading.

I updated the developer docs earlier on which is probably why the CSS went strange.

That shouldn’t have effected FBX uploading. If you have some failing FBX let us know. Could be errors in our importer.

May I send you the model via email?

EDIT: also take a look at the animation:

Yes, please do send it to

Re:FBX - When I export an FBX from Cinema 4D with 2 UV channels, with the option of exporting Normals set, the little status icon in PlayCanvas turns red, so I can’t use the imported asset.

Hmmm. Never did reply to this. A fix in our FBX file converter was deployed at the end of January. But you probably already noticed that, since it’s now months later! :smile: