Importing Multiple Animation from single .fbx file

Hi guys. I got a chicken 3d model from unity asset store and I was able to import its mesh/texture fine. However, Im having trouble importing its animations properly. The asset uses a mecanim based animation, where all animation is baked in a single .fbx file, instead of multiple individual .fbx animations. I tried adding the only .fbx file (i.e chicken.json after going asset pipeline transformation) , and it was able to at least import the walking animation. But it contains 9+ other animations which I haven’t been able to load in playcanvas.

Here’s a link to my current scene ( . and here’s a link to the chicken asset (

same experience here - you need to export every animation separately

Hmm. The problem is I the fbx I’m importing was created using Blender by a third party, and I was told that it requires a hacky script to produce animation as multiple .fbx files instead of a single one.

You cannot import multiple animations using a single FBX file at the moment. You have to upload a separate FBX file per animation. We plan to change that in the future but I don’t have an ETA at the moment.

@vaios any updates on this?

there was a project that i remember that was meant to play the animation separately from a single animation file, but can’t remember the name and by whom. Try to search a bit.

For everyone researching this. Multiple animation clips in one fbx working with export from blender.