Importing Geometry Caches


I am new to the Forum, I am currently testing platforms.
PlayCanvas looks great.
I’m wondering if it’s possible in ANY way to import polygon objects with geometry caches so the geometry deforms when it plays in the game.
Like say an ocean surface undulating for 3 seconds imported into a scene so it looks like a water surface…or cloth like a flag in the wind.
I tried FBX with geo cache but no joy.
I see it converts to Glb but can Play Canvas ever play a geometry cache?

Thanks in advance

Hi @BenLeo252 and welcome,

I am not aware of any support for geometry caches in Playcanvas right now, but you can manipulate the vertex geometry on runtime using a number of ways:

  • Using Morph Targets, here are some examples:

  • Updating the mesh vertices in the CPU:

  • Updating the mesh vertices in the GPU, on a vertex shader:

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