Import issues in Chrome

I’m having a problem in Chrome where I try to drag a file to the assets window in Chrome and the window flashes a bunch of times but it doesn’t “catch” the file and nothing uploads. Seems to be working fine in Firefox. Just wanted to let you know. It’s been happening for about a month but I haven’t needed PC recently and just checked again today.

Hi @rdavid,

Indeed I can confirm this, it’s happening for me as well, Chrome only. Have to really target some part of the asset panel to go fully orange and accept the dragged files.

@will @vaios

Cool. Glad it’s not just me. I was using a larger file than I normally do and thought that was the issue for a while. But then went back to ones that worked before and those didn’t either.

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Likewise, I too have noticed this. It is sometimes helped by making sure that the two windows do not overlap at all. But it still happens sometimes even when windows are not overlapping. Small adjustments to where you are dropping can also help. It is an annoyance, but I always eventually get the item to drop in.

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