Images taking very long time to upload

Hello, recently I’ve been noticing that images are taking a long time to load, even upwards of 5 minutes. I don’t think it is the file size because they are all less than 100 bytes and it isn’t my internet.

The image just stays like this for ages:

What’s really strange is that the image is loaded on the side bar, but not on the assets page:

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I can confirm this happened to me on Friday June 5th, around 7-8pm BST.

Uploading a set of 10 images at the same time will have one or two images getting stuck and loading infinitely. The upload seems to be complete, when I had the editor reload the image will show correctly eventually.


Same happened with me too on friday. Don’t know is it fixed or not.

Hi all, thanks for the reports. It seems to an issue that comes and goes (processing of images take uploads of a minute) and we will look into it as soon as we can at the start of the work week.


We’ve restarted the server that handles these jobs and that has fixed the issue for me. Please let us know if this still happens for you.