Image has grey border


I have an issue with the image element.

I upload a white image and in playcanvas around the image appears a grey border.

here my test project: PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

Can you recommend something?

Hi @Volodymyr_Protskyi and welcome,

That happens due to texture filtering, it’s not spefic to PlayCanvas. Even if you zoom in your image using any photo viewer you will see the same white border, produced by antialias:

You can set filtering to Point in PlayCanvas to get a different mode of filtering at your edges:


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Thanks for answering

@Volodymyr_Protskyi sounds like you are hitting the same issue as people on this thread Artifacts on our 2D assets

I’ve also found that sizing your source image to be the same size as what your image element will be to also help tremendously.

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