Image elements not visible in launch

Hi there,
I’ve a private project in which few image elements are visible in the editor but become partially visible in launch.
How it looks in launch:

How it looks in editor:

How can I resolve this?

Looks like Z fighting. Move them to be slightly above the table

@yaustar, I’ve moved them above the table but still the output is no different.

Hi @yaswanth,

Go to your project editor settings and check the near and far clip planes the editor camera is using.

Then apply the same values to your game camera.

The values are same for both the cameras. I’ve a 3D screen as child to one of my image elements, does that cause any problem? Also I’m enabling these image elements on click of a button.

@yaustar, could the above two be the issue?

Can you share a repro project please?

I’m unable to reproduce the same in a test project. This issue was not there a few days ago. It showed up after we added a 3d screen and enabling the image elements on another button click.

I would really need to see the set up to give a possible reason/or solution.

To me it looks like Z fighting somewhere

That issue got resolved when I removed the 3D screen in my project. I used it for loading purpose as used in this project. When I removed this from the project. The issue got resolved. Any idea why this is causing the issue?

Again, without a repro, I can’t really say