Image disapears when almost out of screen

Hi all,

In my current project I can’t seem to figure out why images are disappearing when they are almost out of the screen. I am cloning one image and add in above already existing images in a group entity. I am animating the group so it looks like an infinite road.

I made a small example project so you can see what I am doing.

Here’s an example of the issue

Here’s the project link:

Does anybody have an idea?

Hi, i think you wanted to add parallex effect, so here is the example.

Hi @techy_589,

Thanks for your response.

I am not really looking for a parallex effect. However, I am looking for a similar effect like the pillars are doing in your linked example project.
The difference is that I would like to achieve an ‘infinite’ scroll on a 2D screen.

The problem I am facing however, is not making it infinite. The problem is that the image does not render anymore when it is almost out of the screen. When I look in Yaustars PC Devtools I can see the image entities are still there, but not showing on the screen.

You can disable frustum culling on your camera. Could you try running with version 1.66? There were some updates related to culling of mesh instances.

You could also define your own way to cull the mesh instance:

// your road piece
meshInstance.isVisibleFunc = function() {
    // decide here, e.g. distance from camera is X or something
    // return true or false, if false it will be culled

Hi @LeXXik ,

Unfortunately the issue is still there using version 1.66. (If this is the right way to load that version)

Note the url.

Disabling frustum culling on the camera works.

However, I can’t seem to figure out how to disable culling or extending the distance for one particular entity. The image is a 2D screen entity, so there is no meshInstance?