I'm making a game called thewoods nightmares

its going to be fun plz come

ill be glad to but how

Hi @Maverick_Paris,

Good luck with your game.

Avoid opening new topics with the same or no particular subject! Be patient and wait for others to reply before posting again.

its really hard so plz help

Yes, @Maverick_Paris

What @Leonidas said is true don’t spam posts on forum unless someone replies or does something similar to that.

ok thks

I would be avaliable to help on your game, I can do the map design (I can also do story if its horror)


My name is @Gabriel_Dobrzynski (thegab)



Im not sure I can do anything because im read.


You on?



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plese come and help

Hi @Maverick_Paris,

I’ve merged your new topic with this, since you hardly entered any new information with it. Use this topic and try to add some more info regarding your game. It may help people get motivated in helping you.

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y are u helping me

uh hellow

I am a map designer I have to say I’m pretty good and I like to do stuff for free! :grinning: