iFrame video problem bringing video closer to the camera

Hello there, . I am having this problem with the iFrame videos, in a certain proximity to the camera the video starts to disappear. I thought it had to do with clipping but no, I wouldn’t know what else to do. I need the video to be closer to the camera

I dont know if this is a bug from the engine or some adjustments i should make to the iFrame plane.

Btw i use this example:

Not sure offhand. Looks like something is clipping either on the mesh that represents the space need for the iframe or something is clipping into the CSS3 plane DOM.

Tough to know without a small reproducible project.

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Looks like it happens in the tutorial too

Not sure what could be causing that off hand :thinking:

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Thank you very much for the answer. Yes, I also noticed that the same thing happened in the example. But in my case, it happens at a not so close distance.