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I have a project to do which is as follows. It is a 3d room configurator where the client can choose the room dimensions. How could I make it so that the customer can create his room in cm? Example: If the customer chooses a length of 200 cm, a width of 50 cm and a height of 100 cm then a room of these dimensions is rendered, how can the customer choose these dimensions in the playcanvas? And how could I render the room according to the input?

Thanks for your ideas.

You can make a 1x1m floor and then scale acordengly, so if the user wants 190x270cm you scale the floor to {1.9, 1, 2.7}, same proccess for walls. make a 1x1x1 cube, with the pivot in the bottom center and place according to floor. given the floor from before your cubes should be placed at {1.9,0,0}, {-1.9,0,0}, (0, 0, 2.7}, {0,0,-2.7}, from there you scale the cubes and you have a room, if you want to have stuff like windows and doors you have to do a something a bit more clever, but as a start this should work.

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Thank you very much for answer Nielsen, yes its a good idea and i will use it, but how can i get input from the user?

You can make a slider or a input field, here are some examples:

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Thank you very much Nielsen!