I want to make big game, but don't know where to start :/

Hey All!

Today I got back on and started to make a new prodject, and I want to make a game like Minecraft. No ones really commenting or helping me out here, and I’m trying my hardest. I want to make my own graphics (Blocks and such), That I know how to do. Other times, I found a code for moving the charicter, then and now I figured out a code that lets you go into First person mod, witch will help out, sence Minecraft is in First person mode. What I really want to do, is make a successful game. I have no clue were to start out!! I have my game all planned out, but I dont know how to make my dream a reality.


My advice would be to start from the bottom.
Start with a very basic game, something like Pong, you will see that it is harder than it seems, and you will learn a lot.
Then keep making more complex games, until you reach the level of knowledge that you can make the game you want.

Minecraft is a VERY complex game, even if it doesn’t look like so.

Good luck!

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@el-pepi said right: start small.
Gamedev and development in general is hard work, very hard work. Some of us spend 12+ hours a day doing it, learning, progressing, and it is as enjoyable and satisfiable as hard.
That is why big part of a developer is his ability to overcome challenges, to be able to learn and progress, slowly but steadily.

Start from simple small projects, one feature at a time, understand it, and move further. In development you can’t just copy piece of code and build a game. This is same as you would go to google, copy paragraphs from all around and write a book? That doesn’t really work like that :smile:

Bit by bit, start from tutorials: http://developer.playcanvas.com/en/tutorials/
Then learn concepts and things, don’t rush, and you’ll get there.

Since you have already in mind how the game will be, get the whole project and cut in into smal tasks (move the player, get the objects, make an inventory, etc) and solve it step by step, some problem can be solved looking into different projects that have similar codes. Doing that can help you coz smaller tasks are more easy to solve.

@max @el-pepi @ayrin, thank you for some support on tips on getting me started. Honestly I wasn’t going to copy and paste codes :P. Ill try to start out small. Thanks again…

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So, on my last game, I found Boxes, on the editor… And I was wondering if I use those for making the World…? Will the charicter stay on it, the box… like stand on it, or is the box just there…?
I need some codes that might be nessessary, like, A code for a Title box for when the game startes (Load game, etc)
Opening the Invectory, Dieing message (respawn) That fun stuff. I might or will use the codes for further games :smiley:

I made this a few days ago.
Making a game is a huge process. In the past I’ve worked on a single game for over four years, and it wasn’t that big of a game either. If you look at indie developers you’ll find they spend a lot of time on each game. Typically years.

My advice:

  • Realize how huge making a game is
  • Make something small
  • Learn to program (you cannot make a game without programming in some form)
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Another good point, is to circle everything above “Ship Game” and mark as 99%, then add another point “99% of more polishing and bugfixing”. Many devs who got to “release” realised that there was another 99% left, just before release :slight_smile:
Some projects spend half of time at that stage.