I need help with my game it will be great

i cant pay you but i will help with your game as in like a bargain you help me i help you this will be a fighting game i got a plan layed out but i need help

can some one help me with my fighting game i can’t make a person

it will be called the darkness of souls

some one pleas hellllllpppppp!!!

On the web you can find character assets that you can use in your game. Usually these are ‘fbx’ files. With a bit of luck you will find an asset with animations.

oh god thx but i need an animator and coder i stink at code im more of a game artist

@ZACKERY_PIERCE, also, .obj files should work to

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I help you if you help me in my game :slight_smile:

ok i will how do i add you

no, dont add him, he deleted our stuff

ok but how do i add people

Please see this thread: Is it even possible to invite Playcanvas users to help others with projects?

I’ll help you

oh ill add you


i will add you i need all the help i can get plz help me i will hlp u

k, ill help

@ZACKERY_PIERCE Please do not create new threads for the same topic. It’s bordering on spam at the moment.