I need help FAST!

I was making a online multiplayer game and it glitched in a certain way… 5 people joined and one of them knocked down my blocks in my game and left. May i remind you that i have not gave the link to ANYONE at all so please tell me what happened i’m scared😭

Hi @Emmett_Tolbert! You and your team members are responsible for what happens to the project. Have checkpoints been made?

I’m sorry if this sounds rude but, I work alone and i don’t know what you mean by “Checkpoints”


If you work alone, what do you mean by this?

Backups of your project.

Reading your question again let me realize you are surprised there were players in your game, while you didn’t share the link? If someone knows your PlayCanvas account, they can also see your projects. That’s a way to find your game.

Ohhhh ok, Thank you so much for telling me because i’m really new :slight_smile: