I need a cost-effective way to build / buy 3D rooms for PlayCanvas

For a project I would like to use rooms like the PlayCanvas Tea Room (PlayCanvas Tea Room - PLAYCANVAS) and add just a few extra elements. I would prefer to offer our customers a lot of different rooms to choose from. However I need a cost-effective way to build or buy and import such rooms. I read in the PlayCanvas wiki that FBX is the preferred import format. What would be the best way to do it? What is the most appropriate marketplace to get premade rooms (https://www.turbosquid.com/, http://www.blendswap.com/, https://www.cgtrader.com/)? What is a good job website to find PlayCanvas freelancers?

It looks like the most straight forward way would be finding a modeler with interior visualization experience to work closely with.
I do not believe you might be able to find a off-the shelf solution that would produce reasonable results with no much skills required.

That room is modeled very specifically and unwrapped properly. it’s also baked externally.

Make sure the person doing it knows how to bake lightmaps and set up UV maps for lightmaps, it’s a specific skillset.
They also need to be able to understand how to apply it to Play Canvas.

We backwards engineered that scene from the FBX and recreated it. It wasn’t super tough, but it needs to be done properly and takes time or the results will be poor.

This would go for any room from simple to complex, for real time, rooms need to be fairly seamless.