I just deleted my project by accident

I’ll take responsibility for this, but it’s a pretty big UX issue.
I was trying to add a collaborator. I type their name, and hit tab. It focuses the DELETE button instead of the SEND button.
I hit ENTER without thinking about it, presumably twice, and poof my project is gone.
The delete button should NOT be the next tabstop after the collaborator name input field.

I hope you agree.

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Oh @joonturbo, that is very frustrating for you. :frowning:

I do recommend forking projects periodically as a way to back up/checkpoint. Did you do that? How much work have you lost?

I will chat to the team and see if we can re-order the tab index of the page.

No worries, I lost max a few hours of work because I did start forking daily :wink:

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