I have some ideas for games

Hey My name is Kyle and I have some ideas for games if you know you can do it and bring my ideas to life email me. Pepticorb261@gmail.com
Just so you know I do not know how to write scripts, code or anything in that genre but I do have ideas that I think would make some great games I have quite a few ideas I thought of. I will not share my ideas until you are certain you want to make the game & of course you can make slight changes to the game and even pitch in some ideas to change my ideas a little.
Thank You for your time & consideration


Hay Kyle! I think it is necessary that you tell something about your ideas so that people can see if it is within their interests and possibilities.

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Hey @Scunt_Master342! Sent you an email from renegadelabstudios@hotmail.com. Please check!