I cannot open editor in my pc 😭

anyone plZ HELP ME!!!
NOTHING IS WORKING!!!:disappointed_relieved::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

Hi @Cyber_Gamez and welkome! Are you unable to click on the Main Scene to open it? It looks like there is an open window in the top left corner where you have to make a choice first.

Yes plz help

Did you try to make a choice first?

yes i have tried but nothing is happening

What version of Chrome do you have?

Do you have any errors in the developer console, if so what are they?

Have you tried in Microsoft Edge or Chrome Incognito mode where you don’t have any browser extensions?

in my edge browner, when i open the playcanvas it got freeze and
in chrome, it’s opening but i cannot open editer.

What about these questions?

Can you also run https://webglreport.com/ please and post a screenshot of the results?

Latest version

see this

Can you post the version number please?


On the Editor page, can you open up developer tools please:

And post any messages/errors you get in the console tab please?

ok wait

see this

Nothing there should stop the Editor from working :thinking:

It saying trying to connect could be the issue and that might be a firewall or extension blocking the connection

so should i have to off all my extensions

Beyond that, I’ve not seen PlayCanvas Editor open in that state before from users so I don’t know what else it be

and my net work speed is 96.1 now