I am having a few issues

Problem 1:
Basically, whenever I go off my platform or press spacebar (which translates the player upwards by 0.25), it doesn’t fall. How do I fix this to make him fall?

Problem 2:
For this game, I want to make the player touch a certain part to teleport them back z -10. How do I make the trigger collision script. (the tutorial didn’t help)

The game is here:

The editor is here:
Pathway | Editor

Hi @gamerlol5,

It actually worked for me, moving off the platform I see the player entity fall:

Did you follow this tutorial? What part did you have trouble with?


I want the capsule to have a box collision instead of capsule so it doesn’t fall immediately when you press play. Because when you played, it was set to a capsule collision instead box collision

Ok, so move ahead and set it to box collision to try it again.