Huge amount of Tweens and BoundingBoxes in memory


I’ve got a question because in game probably we’ve got memory leak and for example suspicious is the number of tweens in memory when I made snapshot. After few minutes of playing it’s few thousand. The same is applicable to BoundingBox.

What could the reason for that?

There’s a bounding box for every mesh or mesh instance IIRC.

The tween side is almost impossible to tell without seeing the code. Maybe @vaios has some insight here?

I cannot show the source code… What is the best way to destroy/clean the tween?

We use a lot of tweens and arrow functions as callbacks - this could be the reason?

In which case, can you replicate the issue in a fresh, public project?

Do your tweens end or are they on repeat? Do you call stop on your tweens or keep adding more? Looking at the source code of the tween manager, as long as you call stop on the tween, it should clean itself up on the next update.

i could have the same problem. So to clean all listeners we should always call stop on tween?