How would i update the "other" animation state in multiplayer?

Im trying to make it so that other players can see another player move around and i already did rotation but i need to do animations now. Please help

Hi @Granted,

I’m glad to see that you’re participating in the forum so frequently. It is a great resource for new developers. To help you get your project off the ground and aid your own understanding of Playcanvas, you should consider these questions to get better responses:

What behavior am I trying to code?
What code have I tried in order to implement this behavior? (Include this code for others to help)
What behavior is my project exhibiting now?
What (if any) errors is my project generating?
How might others get to my project?
Why do I think the code I have used is not working? (Mostly optional, but can help with troubleshooting on your own)

If you break down each issue you have into chucks with these questions it will make things a lot more simple for both you, and anyone attempting to assist. What have you tried for this action, so far?

I hope this is helpful.

i need to make a code to update the other players animation state