How would I make a mining system?

I just want to know how I would be able to make a respawning object that breaks in a changeable amount of clicks, with the clicks having a delay between that increments a counter.

I would also want an inventory system and different tiers of tools.

You mean something like this?

Do you want my sincere opinion about this?

What is it?

And also, I mean something like a hotbar and an openable inventory. The hotbar hopefully can have a changeable amount of slots. And also a box that can store items, with a function to right-click to quickly transfer the item in-between the inventory and container.

The sincere way

There is no right answer, in programming there are tons of ways of doing things. You need to start from scratch if you really want to become a developer, learn the basics. The concepts and all that stuff. Because what you are asking, comes easy when you have those things in mind.

Fax thats what they told me when I used to ask questions like you now look at me I know I to code and make my own scripts without help also I meant a good friend who codes and designs with me but what I used was khan academy it really helped me understand and btw I code in my own way so someof these things may be hard