How to use precompressed basis textures

I have a 8k x 8k texture atlas that I can’t (or rather don’t want to) split into smaller textures.
The play canvas editor allows compression only up to 4k x 4k. I can compress the texture offline into either .basis or .ktx2 files - but how can I use them in the project?

Hi @mabu,

You can’t really add your own compressed textures to the editor. Potentially you could upload them as non recognized types that will get listed as binary asset files.

From there it gets tricky on how to replace the internal file variants use on the texture asset. You can study how the engine does that and then try add your own resource handler:

The 4K resolution limit I imagine is mainly there because there is a number of devices that don’t support higher resolution textures.

You can try adding a feature request in the editor repo about it for the team to review:

Hope that helps.

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