How to update ammo.js?

I’m trying to update ammo.js (bullet3 build). I have /Ammo folder in assets panel, there are 3 ammo files, and I’m deleting those files then I upload my build files to the folder.

The thing is when I download the game I see that PRELOAD_MODULES has an empty array. But instead, it should be like this: PRELOAD_MODULES = [ {'moduleName' : 'Ammo', 'glueUrl' : 'files/assets/120110168/1/ammo.wasm.js'.... ];

Is it editor issue or I’m doing something wrong?

Here is the ammo.js (bullet 3) build:

Found it! I’ve updated/added the Name of the module (Ammo), and also had to disable/enable all 3 ammo.js files. Still, it should be handled by the editor. Make sure 2 ammo files in the list of ‘Scripts loading order’

Screen Shot 2023-02-02 at 01.31.29

Screen Shot 2023-02-02 at 01.33.19

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@Leonidas have you tried this bullet3 build before? Does it have some performance problems? Performance is my only concern right now. Maybe others (@mvaligursky @will) tried it before?

Hi @Ertugrul_Cetin,

We are using the bullet3 build in our projects quite often mainly to solve the player fall through terrain bug. In my experience I haven’t seen any problem or performance issue when compared to the standard PlayCanvas Ammo build.

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Yeah, that was my main problem too…