How to stop the lag that happens when a game starts?

so my game starts and when I first try to look around the game lags like crazy and then makes me wait and then things become smooth again. my assumption is that browser is trying to save memory and therefore loads parts of space when the camera is facing in that direction, any way to get rid of this initial lag?

Hi @sir_akc,

Are you able to record a video and/or provide a build from your game to take a look at what kind of lag you are experiencing?


hey I am working on the game and I can show you the lag video in some time, but basically this is whats happening:

I have some items that are from unity and have high amount of polygons and whenever I try to turn in the game, the game first takes time to load that part of space and then it automatically smooths out after its done loading, the way I am tackling this is by moving the mouse really fast and then waiting for the game to load, this game is an FPS, well more like FP view and yea the game lags on some places where polygons are high