How to show slider/scrubber on video and detecting when a video is ended?


I have two questions in regards of showing video as a texture.

  1. Is it possible to show slider/scrubber like html5 videos?
  2. How do I detect when a video has finished playing?

I’d like to show a video as a texture. At the end of the video show additional GUIs.


  1. Yes. Probably easiest by overlaying an HTML based control.

Video element provides all API to implement your own controls:

The way you implement 3D controls is up to you.

Will, Max,

Thanks for the reply. I was looking at this one here; and I didn’t see the slider as per html5 video from Will’s link.

I will look more into those docs. Thanks.


There is no way to render native video controllers in 3D.

You will have to create your own 3D entities and write custom logic to interact with them and drive video from their properties.

Hi Max,

Yep, got that. Thanks for your prompt reply.