How to pause the game?

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I am trying to pause the game, when the game loses focus (onBlur), and continue everything when it regains focus (onFocus). The recommended way of Pause/Play is to set the timescale of the application to 0 or 1. So far so good, I can pause the game and all the animations. But there are several problems with this approach:

  • Audio that is playing in the game is not paused, so it is not depending on the time scale I guess? Ofc I can mute/pause the audiosource, which is currently playing, but that doesn’t seem right, as i might have multiple audiosources in my scene, and I would need to find them all…
  • setTimeout and setInterval still keep going, since they also don’t depend on the applications timescale. Therefore, if I’m trying to time anything with these (e.g. like a delayed score animation), the timings will be a complete mess.

Is there a different solution/approach for pausing and resuming the application? Are there internal alternatives for using setTimeout and setInterval, like, should i use tweens for these instead?


Why not put everything under on entity as a folder and then add the pause/stop code into the entity(folder),and go from there just a more simple method and if you dont get what I’m saying I can show you in an video

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Audio is an odd one as perhaps it should be affected be timescale :thinking: Not sure whether to call it a bug or a proposed feature. I personally think it should.

setTimeout and setInterval are browser functions rather than PlayCanvas API. You could write your own manager to handle similar functionality in a pc.Script or have the manager listen to the update event from the

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Thanks, I didn’t know about a global update event. That is just what I need, since a small timeout/interval system shouldn’t be too hard to write myself.

About slowing down the audio, who could know about that, maybe @will?

I don’t think it is supported as it uses the web API directly for playback which doesn’t support playback speed.