How to make a random point spawn for a player before the game starts?


Thanks for the suggestion to help with my project, I will think about it and give feedback. I will also mean participation in the development of joint projects. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks a lot @MasalovAndreey.


Without a link to the project, it’s a bit difficult to say what exactly the problem is. My guess is that is a first frame issue where the app may be initialising everything in the first frame which takes a little while (or long enough to see the initial position to be).

You can get around this by disabling the camera in the project and then enabling it at run time after the random positioning.


Thank you for the proposed method. In my project, the tilt angles of the weapon and the player’s movement is based on the direction vectors of the camera and camera angles. I turned off the camera and made a check on its state (on or off) in functions where its coordinates or angles are used. After that, I used the setTimeout() function to turn on the camera after working out all the initialization functions. This method works, but only after loading, for a short period of time, a black screen is displayed. I think that can add a second camera and display, for example, a countdown timer before the start of the match, after which you can switch cameras. Thanks again. :slightly_smiling_face:


The link to the video.


The black screen is displayed since there is no active camera. I think your proposed method will work perfectly.


The project link is more useful as it allows people to look over the existing project/fork it to do a proper fix.

At the moment I’m only guessing what the problem is and can give a ‘catch all’ solution.

There’s a postInitialize function that you could use instead of timeout which gets called after all initialize functions