How To Limit Camera's Movement Within A Space

Basically, I want to make sure the camera doesn’t go outside of certain collisions and basically show the player how the game looks out of bounds. So, I sorta want it to collide with entities, but the thing is, I don’t know how. If you go to my game, you’ll see 2 areas or stations. The camera shouldn’t allow the player to see anything outside the the stations. Basically I want it too forcefully stop the player from seeing outside these boxes, basically in theory colliding with the boxes or something like that. Does anyone have a good way to stop the camera from being able to see things out of bounds?

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Hi @DevPlex01,

To force the camera to only stay inside an area use invisible walls. Use entities with a collision/rigidbody component but with no model.

To stop the camera from seeing out of bounds, not sure what you mean by this. Just don’t put any models out of bounds that you don’t want to get rendered and/or calculate your camera far plane to render up to the boundary.