How to judge whether the scene is static?

When i rendering large models,ssao is not efficient,so I wonder if the current interface is in a static state, as whether to open ssao.

Is this path correct? :sweat_smile:

device.readPixels is too slowly.
Is there a way to quickly traverse rendertarget.colorbuffer pixels?

Hi @11137,

What are you trying to do? You mention a number of things like static scene and ssao.

Hi @Leonidas

I would like ssao will only be turned on when the scene is still.
For example, if the camera position changes, an animation is played, or the object moves, ssao will stop.

My idea is that every frame will determine whether there is a difference between the current frame and the previous frame.

But I found that readPixels is too slow to read

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Oh yeah, it will be super slow to readPixels. I am not sure how to do that easily.

The other way would be to monitor the translation of all dynamic entities in your scene (including the camera). If everything is at rest then the scene is static. Though if that’s easy/feasible to do in your scene it depends on the number of objects etc.