How to integrate PlayCanvas with PoTree

Currently I am using PoTree to visualize large Point Clouds. Next, I would like to enable the user to interact with them. Grab blocks draw around, stack together etc… The idea is to build some kind of 3D Theme-park game, where real scans from physical objects are used as assets. The scans however are provided by specific PoTree files.

So, I read that it is possible to include other js frameworks in PlayCanvas

Would it be possible to combine PoTree and PlayCanvas and to enable interaction with the point clouds which are being downloaded from the server in real time?
The reason I would like to use PoTree is that it adopts the displayed point clouds according to the camera position (hierarchical level of detail).

Thanks a lot in advance!

PoTree is implemented as library to render point clouds and stream data from their back-ends.
It does look like it is not designed to be modular or to allow other renderers used instead of their proprietary implemented on top of three.js.
And for the game, their solution does not look like suitable.

You can use point-cloud data to generate geometry, there are plenty tools online to do that. And you can import that data in playcanvas as FBX files, which are supported by most modelling software.

If you need streaming of assets, then you would need to disable preload option on assets and they will be loaded when they are added to hierarchy in async maner.