How to Increase Ball Speed when using Physics

I have to throw ball from one point to other point using physics. (Currently I am using Impulse). Ball is make a good projectile BUT its very slow. I want to move ball FAST.
Is there any way to move ball FAST from one point to other using physics.

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Hi @Faisal,

How are you applying impulse right now? Are you passing a vector to it?

You can scale it up and make it as fast as required:

// e.g. impulse upwards vertically
const impulse = new pc.Vec(0, 1, 0);

// --- scale it up

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Since I haven’t seen the project, @Leonidas answer is probably the one you’re looking for, but you may also want to examine the size of the objects in your scene. If they are very large, they may already be moving quickly, but don’t appear to be because of the relative size of them. Think about how quickly a ball moving 120kph would look traveling in a room compared to a vehicle on the highway. If the objects are very large, simply increasing their speed might make the physics simulation act in unexpected ways.

thanks @Leonidas for replying.
Multiplying the impulse scale is not useful because

  1. It will throw ball Ahead from Point B, where I want to land bal.
  2. If I scale up the environment, it will make ball move fast but same time will consume between going from Point A to B, because now points will become far away…

I think solution related to increasing speed of physics engine or something like that can be helpful.

You can increase the gravity of the world in the project settings. You would need to increase the impulse strength then. This will increase the ball’s speed.

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