How to improve perfomance?

I just want to appologize. I’ve asked a question, and didn’t really spend much attention to Your responses. Thats a behaviour I don’t like myself. Sorry for that :pleading_face:. I didn’t make to much progression on my issue and was a little frustated :confounded:

I’ve switched off the animation and FPS went up from 1 to 8 :nerd_face: And noticed 20% of update time is spend on the UI :roll_eyes: Actually chasing performance issues is kind of fun :rofl:

what does ammo.wasm do?
sounds like keyboard input. but why inside ammo?
do I need this? :thinking:

Ammo is a physics engine. You probably want it, if you use any physics in the game.

Yes I use physics. After putting findByName() into init I’ve a average FPS = 34 (without
animations) the biggest block left ist ammo.wasm…
So I simple don’t know what wasm is, I’m currious if I really need it…

ammo.wasm does all the computations about your rigidbodies and colliders. Yes, you need it.

If you see that ammo.wasm takes a lot of time, it means you are doing alot of physics manipulations at that frame, like moving kinematic objects, teleporting stuff or enabling/disabling entities with rigibody/collision components. If there are too many objects, you might consider updating only the ones that are near the player, as others won’t be visible anyway.