How to import 3D objects with textures in PlayCanvas?

When we try to import 3D object (Soccer stadium) we have problem with
textures. The textures are not include. Maybe we use not true format files. We try import fbx, obj.

How to import 3D objects with textures in PlayCanvas?

FBX and OBJ do not include the texture. What you have to do is import the 3D models and textures separately. In the Editor you can then apply the texture to the object.

Thank you for feedback. How to apply the texture to the object from Editor?
If you can, pls send me instruction with screenshot for that. I will be glad you.

We try to apply it, but this is not work. Before we upload FBX (texture include in FBX - use file from and this is work, but when we try to import FBX with texture from another platform, we have trouble. I think this is problem with version FBX or something else.

for example, try to import this FBX (texture include) in Editor, this is work:

Iā€™m sure a .fbx file will work but make sure you use the .JSON file next to the .fbx model. This video will hopefully help you without me explaining anything:

FBX does import texture too, in your save options there must be a embed media option or similar


So, what format fix file must be that I can import 3D object with texture?

You have to save it again with the embed media option checked (if you have it) or else you import fbx file and textures separately and reassign the texture to file

Include the name of the 3D applications so we can point you to the Embed check box for it.