How to host a rigidbody on a socket server

I want to make a pushable objects values (like position, rotation, velocity) server-side and so if a player pushes the object it is in the same spot for the other player clients at all times. How can I achieve this using socket?
Project: PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine
Server: Glitch :・゚✧

This is your 3rd thread regarding the same topic, people already told you how and what to do in order to achieve the results so please take actions buddy Scripting | Learn PlayCanvas

While people have told me what to do, I do not understand some of them and others I am still waiting on responses. I made this thread so that I could get responses on different ideas that I had that may work.

Hi @Cryptonaph! @Newbie_Coder is right. Anyone can respond to the same topic and if you don’t understand a response, just say so. I recently helped you with a similar topic and you stopped responding there. I close this topic as it is a duplicate of multiple other topics.