How to drag 3d/2d objects with mouse

I advise write your own event based touch/click manager. And use it in script for clicks/drag/swipe. It’s simple.

I’ve tried three approaches so far, but haven’t been able to find a resource that allows me to not only pick an item, but constrain movement in two axis. Any resources you can recommend?

Hi @reubenlara,

This isn’t a drag and drop object sample, but it can give you a starting point. It showcases how to convert the mouse 2D screen position to a world space and how to move an entity in place.

It’s an independed logic. Touch/click/swipe - first, constrains & movement - second

Hello! Can 3D objects be dragged and dropped when viewing in 3D? How to realize this? Is there any good way?

Hi @xiaoyao! Not sure if it is exactly what you are looking for, but maybe my example below can help you.