How to do Camera switch after a certain time interval

I am looking to create camera animations similar to what is shown here after pressing the Start/Stop button. The approach I plan to take is switch between tweened cameras. However I am not sure how to time the movements one after another.
i.e how do I do this?

<Cam 1 pos 1 -->-tween to ->-- pos2> then <Cam 2 pos 3 -->tween to->-- pos 4> then <Cam 3 …and so on

Where I am at present is
<Cam 1 pos 1 -->-tween to ->-- pos2>
<Cam 2 pos 3 -->tween to->-- pos 4>
<Cam 3 …
All happening at the same time from start.

Assuming that the cameras are not all enabled at the same time, you can have them start the tween when they are enabled (there’s a callback that you can use) and at the end of the tween, they can enable the next camera and disable themselves.


<Cam 1 pos 1 -->-tween to ->-- pos2> then enable Cam 2 then disable Cam 1 then <Cam 2 pos 3 -->tween to->-- pos 4>

Or you can have just one Camera that has a list of tweens to go through.

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