How To Display or Debug Scene Hierarchy

Hi guys, Im new to the PLayCanvas engine (Really using Engine Only).
How do i display or debug whats in my scene… Most every game engine has some kind
of debug or inspector panel at runtime so you can tell whats going on in the actual scene.

Also… I see there is some kind ok “PROFILE” div that you can enable in the Editor… How do i show that profile div for the Engine Only Projects…

But really need to see whats in my scene at runtime :slight_smile:

Debugging can be done via the Devtools of the browser.
Same with performance profiling

The profile that is shown by the editor, I don’t think it is packaged with the engine. It might be part of the editor :thinking:. If you can find the source to it from the browser devtools, I can imagine it be quite easy to pull out and use.

In terms of knowing what is actually in the game scene, PlayCanvas doesn’t have anything built in for that and you would have to write your own tools.


  • Create a debug fly camera so you can move through the scene in runtime
  • Display a graph node view of all the nodes in the scene