How to display a texture on one side of a cube

When I make a face it goes on all four sides and also how can I change where my face is.

Hi @Rohitgicool_Cool,

What do you mean making a face? Can you show it?

There is 4 faces not one and i am pretty sure if there was a bigger cube there would have more faces

Yes, the texture is repeated by default.

You can change that in the texture asset, when you select it. Set both uv address properties to clamped. Then try playing with the offset property in the material.

Though you can only have partial control with that. Normally you have to model a cube and set the exact position of the face by uv unwrapping the model in a modeling app like blender.

Hi @Rohitgicool_Cool! Another option is to add a plane as a child of the cube and give the plane the size of one side of the cube. Add the material with the face to the plane.

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